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gk question and answer gk question and answer for kids get know adventure

1.The Artemis Accord, that was recently making news, an agreement for space exploration of New Zealand and which agency?

[A] Roscosmos




2. The recently reported H10N3 is a strain of __:

[A] Bird Flu

[B] Corona virus

[C] Anthrax

[D] Swine Fever

3.Which bank has recently published the economic research report “Ecowrap”?

[A] State Bank of India

[B] Punjab National Bank

[C] Axis Bank

[D] HDFC Bank

4.Japanese player Naomi Osaka plays which sports?

[A] Badminton

[B] Tennis

[C] Archery

[D] Weight Lifting

5.What is the theme of World Milk Day 2021, observed recently on 1st June?

[A] Sustainability in the dairy sector

[B] Milk For All

[C] Leaving No one Behind

[D] Milk and SDG

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