Ethical Hacking for beginners

Learn the basics of penetration testing for beginners, the basic steps in penetration testing, and the most important tools used by hackers


  • Simple background on information technology


 A course to learn penetration testing for beginners in Arabic, in this course you will be able to practical application of the hacking process, we will start this course with an introduction to ethical hacking and what is penetration testing, and then we will move to the penetration steps and learn the basic skills of the hacking process, the hack process has been divided into four main steps Survey, disclosure of gaps, and an attempt to exploit these gaps, and we will conclude by writing the reportEthical Hacking for beginners

At each step of the hack, we will start with an explanation of this step, and then a practical application will be presented for explanation, after that you will be able to apply the practical and try to solve the examples

Basic skills of the penetration testing process Ethical Hacking for beginners

  • Poll
  • Detection of vulnerabilities
  • Exploiting loopholes
  • Writing the report

In this course there will be theoretical explanations and then practical training and examples, tools that will be dealt with in this course Ethical Hacking for beginners

  • nmap
  • burp
  • Time
  • Sqlmap
  • nobody
  • virtual box

Who this course is for:

  • Interested in penetration testing and information security

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